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Marriage and Wedding Halls in Chennai

Wedding Halls in Chennai

With everything done simply and tastefully, you can easily; Sri Lakshmi Prasanna Mahal is one of the best wedding halls in Chennai. Accommodating at least 1200 people at a time, it comes with superior air conditioning for the comfort of the guests and fully sanitized seating facility. There is also a conference hall for important meetings, and at least 20 air-conditioned rooms for the guests. Arrange for the following ceremonies conveniently:

• Nischitartham

A traditional engagement or betrothal event, the groom’s father obtains the bride’s father’s permission to go ahead with the wedding and the couple gets engaged.

• Graha Shanthi

• Performed a few days before the wedding, the purification ritual intends to bring peace and prosperity to the couple and generally involves married female members of the family.

• Mehendi and Sangeet

• Most modern-day weddings include the Mehendi ceremony where the focus is a bridal henna design. The Sangeet ceremony along with the Mehendi brings all the family members together for songs. You may also arrange for other ceremonies as well that are unique to your tradition.

Marriage Halls in Chennai

Sri Lakshmi Prasanna Mahal, recognized as best marriage halls in chennai comes with myriad facilities such as lifts with a capacity of at least 10 people, a generator as a backup for power cuts, ample water, toilets, bathrooms and more importantly, security. The facility is surveyed by about 5 security guards and there are several CCTV cameras in and around the best marriage halls in Porur, Chennai to monitor uninvited movements.

Have a traditional marriage reception here where you can hire DJs and musicians to perform for you. The bride and groom can be greeted at the venue with a song of their choice, which congratulates their union. With an optimal ambiance, you can even have wedding speeches, welcoming everyone. You can have great buffet spreads at the other end of the hall encompassing the starter, main course, choice of juices and dessert. Music is continuously playing in the background and the guests can have a great time.

Reach out to Sri Lakshmi Prasanna Mahal, the best marriage and wedding halls in Chennai for more details.

Wedding Halls in Chennai
Marriage Halls in Chennai
Wedding Halls in Porur